Tong Shu Pro Calendar 2021 (ENGLISH) PDF version ONLY

This Tong Shu Pro or professional Chinese calendar will help you determine what energies visit you annually, monthly, daily and every hour. Yes, every hour since I am including the detailed maps of each hour so that you will know exactly what energy each hour has on a particular day. This Tong Shu Pro measures 8.5 “x 11” and contains 171 color pages. It is more than a calendar. It is a complete guide to Chinese metaphysics where I include analysis of Feng Shui (Guas, Xuan Kong Flying Stars, Xuan Kong Purple White), BaZi, QiMen and YiJing. I also included this year the Hexagrams and Constellations (including the detailed definitions of each) not only yearly and monthly, but also daily. I also included the daily QiMen Deities for wealth, nobility / commanding wishes, relationships and health. You have the monthly QiMen maps complete with the Deities, Doors, Stars, Constellations and Hexagrams. This Tong Shu covers from December 27, 2020 to February 5, 2022.

It is a complete and effective guide on how to know which days are favorable to do different types of activities such as signing contracts, medical procedures, travel, getting married, starting a new job, romance, doing construction or renovation on your property, etc.

You will have all the information of the favorable sectors and all the annual afflictions for 2021 including the 4 Nobles and all their activations.

This Tong Shu Pro is a personal guide for you and to know which sectors of your property are prosperous, or not so prosperous, at any given time. You will know what to do every month to increase the favorable energies and decrease those energies that are not so favorable for YOU because I teach you how to do it in relation to your BaZi natal chart using your date of birth. I included all the tables you will need of the relationships of the “Chinese animals” or Earthly Branches in BaZi for you to compare with your natal chart. 🙂

But I do not want you to think that I only give you a lot of information that you will not know how to use, but I explain exactly how to use it. It’s like a basic course on those subjects too. And many other things surprises… 😉 I personally created this “baby” for you with much love and gratitude for all the trust you place in my team and I. Perhaps it is more information than you want to have, but I give it to you with great affection and I hope that you will use it with the same vibration of love, abundance and happiness with which I prepared it for you.

This Tong Shu Pro is great for a beginner and a person with an advanced level of knowledge because I include information for both. This is my first product in English so I have that you enjoy it.

Tong Shu Pro 2021 (digital PDF format ONLY) US$63*

The Tong Shu Pro in PDF format (for your computer or smart phone) will be available anywhere in the world. When you buy it you can download it immediately. It is not a DVD or CD that is mailed. It is a digital file in PDF format that you can print. THE TONG SHU PRO 2021 CALENDAR WILL BE AVAILABLE ON NOVEMBER 24.

* The prices are in dollars but don’t worry since the system makes the conversion in your currency and debits it in your currency.

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